Seeking a position in a creative, collaborative, and innovative organization to create experiences that amplify consumer engagement and encourage deeper connections with brands, art, and culture.

Cultural Accelerator

I am passionate about creating experiences that increase cultural engagement and promote dialogue and curiosity.  I am excited by the possibility of what well-produced content can do in sharing stories that further encourage connections with brands, art, and culture. My belief remains that the arts should be a uniting and enlightening force within communities. I have always been drawn to the narrative aspect of the arts (whether Film, Music, or Photography) and that perspective is present in my programming choices.  In everything I produce, I want to promote stories through art and cultural experiences that seek participation and shared experiences within communities. Through creative and vibrant collaboration, I want to continue to work with interdisciplinary teams across various media to create unique programming and content for audiences that enhances the exploration of personal and communal experiences.  I believe in the importance of understanding and embracing technology to further the mission of brands and cultural organizations and constantly continue to search for new and unique forms of communication that augment our relationship with each other. I am inspired by the possibilities of experimenting with narrative and interactive forms to employ this vision.

Contact:  tomasalfredovalladares [at]